Super-Leadership Training (Ages 11-17)

In this training, your student will learn and understand what it truly means to become a Super Leader! We will give your youth the practical tools they need to become a Super Leader in every aspect of their life! This training is designed to enhance your child’s self concept, leadership skills, confidence, self esteem, and social awareness.  Courage, focus, creativity, kindness, and emotional intelligence are the key components that makes a Super Leader, and we help them apply our tools with engaging topics, personal stories, open discussion segments, and games. To schedule an appointment to learn more, just email Cornelius at


Kelsey Krool, participating teacher, said, “His story, energy, relatability, our kids just gravitated towards him. We’ve continued these conversations of being a good leader, and doing so with kindness, compassion, and others in mind.”

Brian, participating student, said, “I understand what it means to be a courageous leader in the world. I know what no matter what happens to me, I can always overcome it.”